house groups

What is a House Group?
Purpose: House Groups are gospel communities living on mission by helping others become fully devoted followers of Jesus no matter where they are at on their spiritual journey. 
Vision: We want to see our community reached with the hope of the Gospel through House Groups  operating as Gospel-focused communities where people love and serve one another like family and  learn to live a prayer, care, share lifestyle with those who don’t yet know Christ.

Why join?
House Groups  help connect believers from our church body to one another for the purpose of building a gospel-centered community that loves and serves each other and that lives on mission.
Why are they called House Groups? 
Many churches call their small group ministries many different things. The reason Bethel Church calls our small groups House Groups comes from  the idea of inviting someone over to your house for lunch as an invitation to relationship. House Group means that we want people to be invited into relationship with God and one another. We want people from outside the church body to also feel welcome to participate in these house groups, because one of the greatest apologetics we have as Christians is for people far from God to experience a loving, Christ-centered community.

No matter what life stage you’re in… from single to married, young to old, with kids or without… there is a House Group for you. We specifically design our House Groups to be intergenerational and mixed genders, although the dynamic and demographics of each group varies. (

What is being in a group like?
  • Being a part of a community with small number of people (10-15 people)
  • Gathering in homes.
  • Meeting 2 - 4 times each month for  community, studying the word, and mission
  • Groups do daily or weekly life outside of official group meeting time (hobbies, hanging out as families, serving one another, hosting block parties, etc.)
  • Being in a house group begins to shape how you follow Jesus in every area of life, not just on Sundays.
  • Committed to meeting and life together throughout the school year and into the summer (10 months sessions, that can continue beyond)
  • Meet weekly for 10-12 months at a time with a month or two break to either re-up, plant out of an existing group, and allows for members to shift to another group if needed.

Why Should I Be in a House Group?
  • You get to meet and know others
  • Helps a big church seem smaller
  • To mature spiritually by  living the Christian life with others in a gospel-centered community on mission.

What do we do?
  • Gather together to care for one another, pray and to share life stories/struggles (Community)
  • Study God's word: Groups choose books of the Bible and topics relevant to their faith walk, interest or needs. (Bible)
  • Serve together or prepare to serve others with a missional mindset (Mission)
  • Life together outside of weekly group time. ( Building relationships, having fun together, serving together, etc.)

How Do I Join?
If you are interested in joining a House Group you can click the link at the top of the page to find a group that works for you. If you want more information or have questions, please email Pastor John Anderson  or call (507)-451-8548 ext. 208