If you ever heard Christians talking and thought "I have no idea what they are saying!"
You need to click this resource and check out our "Let's Talk Church Words" document.
We provide definitions for some of the most popular words used in the church.

Here is a Q&A Resource for current questions relevant in our culture.

This will be updated as questions come in, we seek to provide Scripture as much as possible, and not a commentary.

Church Membership

Curious about membership? Interested in identifying with Jesus through formal membership in our local body? We'd love to talk more about it! Below you can find more information about our membership process at Bethel Church and some of the first steps to plugging in!
(You can also watch our recent series on church membership HERE)
Church Constitution
Below you will find the current Bethel Church Constitution, By-laws, Statement of Faith, and Member Commitment. We believe the Bible itself to be the final authority in our lives as believers - these are a few ways we as a body believe that plays out for us week in and week out. We are committed to organizing under these directives will help us to do life together as God's people well.
If you have any questions feel free to contact Pastor Micheal or any other Elders on the board