Sunday Morning Gatherings

We understand that everyone has varying comfort levels and circumstances, which is why we have
 three ways to gather (explained below) as a church family on Sunday mornings. We encourage you to choose whichever gathering is best for you and your family.  Hope to see you soon!

Big Gatherings (on-site)

2 Services at 9am and 10:30am

Each week we hold 2 services on site that are open to anyone in the community. Out of love for neighbor and community we do ask that you practice social distancing (6 feet) while in the building, and wear a face mask while on site. Masks will be available each week for anyone who would like or need one. Also while seated in the sanctuary we ask that you keep 3 chairs between family units. We also have a cleaning plan in place between services to mitigate the spread of germs throughout the building.
We also have special children's and youth programming during our 10:30am services (including nursery). We are slowly and safely re-introducing a number of children's and youth ministry elements back into Sunday mornings. You can find more information on whats offered on our children's or youth ministry pages!

Little Gatherings (off-site, in homes)

Live stream becomes available at 9am

We understand that coming to the building to gather and worship might not make sense or be possible for everyone right now (for many reasons) AND that gathering in smaller groups actually give us the opportunity to practice the "one anothers" of Scripture in more focused ways. For these reasons we've launched "Little Gatherings" every week where people from our church open up their homes to a few other individuals to come together, watch the message, and then talk about prayer and application together before going into the next week. To sign up for a little gathering near you, simply click the link below!
We are also looking for more willing hosts of "Little Gatherings" moving forward. If hosting a few people on a Sunday morning from your home whenever it works for you is something you're interested in, simply click the link below to register as a host!
Little Gathering Guides are also available for anyone doing church with others in smaller groups. Simply click the link below to get this weeks guide.

Live Stream (from anywhere)

Available each week beginning at 9am

Coming back to the building for services may not necessarily be whats best for you right now. While we are taking measures to mitigate risks related to COVID-19, we cannot eliminate risk altogether. Thus, if you, or others you will be around are at a higher risk for COVID-19 it might be best for you to continuing streaming our services online.  Also, if you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, please DO NOT attend a big or little gathering that week.
We believe technology (like the ability to live stream) is a blessing from the Lord and are thankful for the ability stay connected in ways like these. However, streaming church online is also not the same as being WITH other believers each week. We encourage you to see live streaming as a temporary measure of staying connected, and not an "indefinite new normal" that can easily lead to spiritual isolation. Please let us know how we can come along side of you to help you engage with others in safe and healthy ways.